Altered Magic the Gathering Cards

Hey guys, so I love the card game Magic the Gathering, and lately I have been getting into doing some alterations on cards.  I have not yet got up the nerve to try my hand on something like my Thassa, God of the Sea yet, but I did just recently do a couple of really cool ones and I thought I would share them with you!

Geralf’s Messenger was probably the easiest to do, but i think it came out to be the best looking of these couple.

Triton Fortune Hunter I think looks really sweet, it was pretty difficult to do and the end result makes the card look way more epic than it really is.

Supreme Verdict is definitely one of the coolest ones I have done, alas i covered the name up so i guess its not tournament legal, but I dont mind, its just for me anyways.

Finally Cloudfin Raptor… Did you guys know there were buildings in the background of this?  I didnt until I got started but overall im pleased with them.  I did two, I actually run four in the deck their from but I though two was enough, on i think the building on the right was done better and the other i like my clouds and waterfall better.  But Im not telling which, you guys can decide for yourself!  Anyways hope to post more soon!

Please lemme know what you think!

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