Pisgah Covered Bridge

Ok so this time I have a post for the WIPS of my painting of the Pisgah Covered Bridge.  When I was younger, my family and I went to many covered bridges.  My mom has a real liking of them and I never passed up a chance to get close to water (yeah im odd).  Anyways one of my favorites that I remember going to was the Pisgah Covered Bridge.  So I decided to paint it and then give it as a present to my mom for her birthday (awesome artist son right!?).  So here goes the creative process of this work.

First I worked from a picture my mom took long ago.  I unfortunately don’t have a digital version of that picture, but you can google to find some images of the bridge.  I started off with a real nice, light, and detailed line drawing of the bridge. I then started right away with the wood work on the bridge.

Bridge 1

I used a combination of Prussian Blue and Chinese Orange watercolors to achieve the nice aged wood look.  It is all about layers in my work.  I start with the dark layers, putting a light base where they will be.  Then I put more layers on them and the next darkest areas.  I keep laying washes of blues and oranges to get the colors just right and add that bit of randomness that is in the old wood.

I then started on the water.

Bridge 2

Normally the bridge didn’t have this much water under it, but hey this is my painting so I did what I wanted.  Once again all about slow adding of layers to build up value and color.

Bridge 3

Started adding grass.  I would end up constantly adding more and more texture and layers to the grass throughout the entire painting process.

Bridge 4

Added the roof and tress.  I removed a lot of the unsightly marks of time from the bridge, but left the natural effects of time.  I heard the bridge used to be red but I have always known it as this so I kept with its true color, just minus the graffiti.

Bridge 5

Ok now we are getting somewhere!  first wash of trees put in and the rest of the river.  Unfortunately this is a turning point in the painting.  I really liked it at this point, but since the very beginning I had planned on putting leaves in the foreground of the painting with acrylic paint.  This gave me a lot of trouble as I was not as experienced at this.  I had a really hard time, and ended up have to do some serious fixing on the piece because I put too much to fast and almost covered up the bridge!  Luckily I did manage to fix it but I still feel it isn’t quite as good as it was before the foreground leaves.

Bridge 6

The more finished picture coming soon!

Please lemme know what you think!

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