THE HULK… riding a lion???

Yes my friends, all things are possible if you are the Hulk.  At the request of my very close roommate (oh and fiance) she suggested I should do a painting of The Hulk.  But of course not just any rendition of the Hulk, but he must also be riding a lion… because hes the hulk, he can do what he wants.  So since her birthday was coming up, and all my other plans went down faster than Megatron at the end of Transformers, I decided I would undertake this massive undertaking… with the undertaker? haha ANYWAYS here was my process!

First as will all good drawings you start with a sketch.  Of course i dont have the foresight to actually take a picture of a sketch so we will skip that part.  Then I go hunting, and of course since we are drawing the hulk, I of course use my own body as a reference…

Hulky Reference
Hulky Reference

There, now that you are all satisfied by the hulky ness, we move onto the first real drawing of the art piece, and the finalized sketch that I went with.

1002130844 - Copy

Pretty sweet yeah?  Alright so time to get down to business.  So after this lovely drawing was completed, it was time to start with color.  Luckly the Hulk is green, so its pretty easy to decide on that, but I didn’t quite know what else, so of course I went with purple, because it goes well with green I felt, and then would go well with the Yellowish color i was thinking of doing for the lion.

1003131750 - Copy

So I got really excited while painting the hulk and forgot to take an in-progress… sorry about that.  Anywho here we go on an image spree of the rest of the hulkyness.


1003131905 - Copy10041315231004131557

So I honeslty didnt know what to do for a background.  I was pondering may things, like the African plains, or some New York city street, but then I thought, what could the hulk possibly be doing while riding a lion?  The answer was obviously destroying a harmless brick wall… So I did.

And here is basically how it all came out!


Tell me what you think guys!



Please lemme know what you think!

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