Triple Goddess, Serpent’s Stare

Would you like a little insight into the making of one of my favorite pieces I have done??? Well your in luck because I just so happen to have a little bit of a in progress viewing of one of my Triple Goddesses!

Serpent’s Stare was actually the first one of the three painted, and is by far the youngest looking one of them all.  When I first started it was all about the skin.  I felt her skin should by my first step since it was the lightest and furthest back part of her body.  I really feel this was one of my first big breaks in eye painting and delicate skin tones.  After that it was all about the fabric, and weather or not I could get the look I wanted. To be honest the lace did not come out quite as well as I had hoped but it was alright

 Then it was onto the snake and the hair.  Now I had a really good time painting the hair and had little to no issues with it.  But the snake was a different story.  Scales are hard!  I learned that they are not random but are arranged in a very geometric style and if I didnt do that they looked really cheep and clumsy.  Also the overall shape of the snake with the diamonds and the lay of it over here was a challenge and I feel i succeeded in some parts more than other but I was happy with it at the time.
After the snake I added the back ground colors and elements to really make the orange pop and give the whole piece its complimentary color scheme.  I have to say that while painting this piece it was my favorite thing to do and I was SUPER excited to see the end project.  I felt it was by far my best piece up to that date and was ecstatic to have such a nice painting.  Overall the around 40 hours of work was well worth it.
Watercolor 15"X22"
Serpent’s Stare  15″X22″ Watercolor

Please lemme know what you think!

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