A little altering fun

Hey so I decided to have a little fun and alter a card in a very odd way for me.  I took a 1/1 Soldier token and put a little something different on it.  Now I know the internet is full of stuff like this but I figured it would be a little something fun to try my hand at.  Enjoy!



Alrtight its finally done!  After quite some time, many sketches, revisions, and edits (ok and procrastination) I have finally finished my painting of the Tylosaurus!  There was alot of learning done in this one.  For starters I have never painted an underwater scene before.  Secondly, how does one go about painting a baitball of fish???  Then there was the tylosaurus!  But i feel that this art piece came out really well.  Here is all the in progress shots to go alont with it!

Finish is 9×10 watercolor on Aquabord, really awesome stuff.  This is the first painting done on that material and I really like it.