Grand Cities Art Fest

Booth 2aAlright, so I know it’s been like a month since the Grand Cities Art Fest in Grandforks, but I honestly have not had time until now to make any sort of post on it!  So overall the show went pretty well for me.  I met a lot of awesome people, talked with a lot of people, and saw some cool art.  I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s comments and feedback on a lot of my art pieces.  I also sold some original artworks that makes be a bit sad to see go but I guess that’s the way it goes at these art shows (little bit of a Blue Oyster Cult reference there).



My booth set up went really well, and worked perfectly.  The display went up real easy, and on Saturday we had some pretty gusty winds and it had NO problem with them.  I felt my booth looked really good and I really enjoyed being there, so next year I may have to try it again!  On Sunday it rained almost all day, but it was a light drizzle so that’s no big deal.  It was actually nice because the smaller crowd let me meet and talk to a lot of really cool people.


Please lemme know what you think!

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